We founded the IMCV GROUP with the aim of providing companies with tools and knowledge that will push them beyond their current capabilities.

Our mission at IMCV Group is simple. We provide leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses with the tools and secret knowledge they need to unleash their greatest potential.


Daniel is a qualified hypnotherapist, having studied at the Institute of Psychotechnology in St. Petersburg, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnosis. In addition, he holds a degree in Medical QiGong from China University.

He’s trusted as a personal mentor by some of the world’s most influential industry leaders—in business, politics and even sports—and his services are usually only accessed through referrals from previous clients. Daniel’s track record precedes him, with decades of experience as a respected therapist.

The knowledge that he possesses is known by only a handful of people in the world. He draws on the deep knowledge that has been passed on to him as part of special training in a previously strictly guarded government project to develop a person's psychophysiological and mental abilities.

Daniel has had some of the most elite individuals as teachers, including the man who prepared astronauts and special forces for extraordinary psychological feats. With decades of experience under his belt, Daniel has created an elite personal development program that’s one-of-a-kind in the world and membership is only offered to select individuals.


Alexandra graduated with an MBA in Leadership, and has almost two decades of industry experience under belt—ten of which were spent in business consulting as the cofounder of an international consulting firm. She’s experienced in strategic planning, acquisitions and mergers.

A worldwide champion of woman empowerment, she’s impacted thousands worldwide through her book “Being Your Own Boss,” an Amazon bestseller. Alexandra is passionate about supporting and developing women. She is also the co-author of the instant Amazon bestseller The Abundance Factor, which she wrote with Joe Vitale.


Both Daniel and Alexandra are among the few people in the world that the secret key to success has been passed on to.

Daniel and Alexandra lead a multinational team of team members in Europe, North America and Australia. Their knowledge ensures that every step you take is destined to succeed.


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