Company in crisis

Our team was approached by a crisis manager in need of additional support. His client was in debt to the tune of several million dollars and needed exclusive assistance.

We hit the ground running, and immersed ourselves in the company culture, as well as learned as much as we could about the members of management and their employees. This exercise helped us to figure out their strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify where each team member fell short of their responsibilities.

Then, we moved to the external factors that influenced the company by immersing ourselves in the industry it operated in, to give us a better understanding of the company’s operations.

Based on the information we gathered from this detailed analysis, we were able to propose the most effective approach to get the company out of debt, grow its market share and make it successful once more.

Our success strategy involved key changes in the company’s leadership, its management direction and even its marketing.

Following receipt of our success strategy, there was a complete restructuring of the company to accommodate the psychological strengths and weaknesses of key people, the new style of management, and the new marketing direction.

The results were amazing—the company is now very successful in its industry, with tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

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