Presidential election

Our team was hired by a main presidential candidate during the last two rounds of the election. The goal was simple—debunk the psychology surrounding the campaign and create a success strategy to secure the win.

Yet, our mapping revealed that the campaign was not destined to succeed. In addition to inconsistencies of action, the campaign’s financial resources were being squandered.

The results of our detailed analysis came as a shock to the agency that had created the campaign for the candidate. At that point, it became our duty to let the presidential candidate know of our results in hopes of creating a new strategy that would put him back on the path to success.



We mapped a successful strategy for his successful return to the EU. Thanks to our special mental training, he was stable and strong in record time and through use of a unique negotiating tactic, we were able to preordain his success.

He was able to successfully retain his position as a European Union Commissioner. Perhaps if we had been invited to his campaign in the beginning, he could have won the election and became President. However, we were able to help him despite this.

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